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We are expanding our sales network all over the world. Are you interested in becoming our partner? Contact us now!

Who are we looking for

Our dealer network is made up of different professionals:

  • software distributors and dealers with experience in selling and supporting CAD and CAE software;
  • consultancy and representation companies or professionals who can introduce and recommend Castle to their clients;
  • die casting experts with the ability to provide all the necessary technical support to the end customer.

We will consider how to develop our partnership based on your background and needs.

Why partner with us

Castle is one of the most popular emerging software for Die Casting Process Simulation (HPDC).
Its innovativeness is a guarantee of close cooperation for long-term growth.


Expand your product range offer and increase sales with the Castle suite, an innovative and high-level product, offered at affordable prices for most companies


With over 100 active licenses and 12 years of history, Castle is one of the most well-known and appreciated emerging software in the sector


Our software is constantly evolving, increasingly user-friendly and easy to implement within the company layout


As an integral part of our product, our support team will help you solve any technical problem for you and your customers


We offer all the documentation and training necessary to sell, use and support Castle independently

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