Cavagna Pressofusioni is a metalworking company based in the province of Brescia which, in its more than thirty years of experience, has established itself in the market as one of the leading companies in the production of die-cast components in zinc alloys.

The owner of Cavagna Pressofusioni, Mr. Manuel Cavagna, during a pleasant conversation, shared with us a detailed overview of his company’s activity, focusing on the decision to equip their technical office with Castle and the benefits derived from its use.


Could you kindly outline your company’s activity?

Cavagna Pressofusioni is specialized in zinc alloy die-casting. We mainly operate in the gas sector, nevertheless, our production extends to other fields such as medical, automotive, nautical, electric motors, and, to a limited extent, to some niches such as components for kitchens and refrigerators as well.

Within our structure, we have 18 presses, a finishing department, and a mechanical workshop dedicated to supporting die-casting and maintenance activities.

Our approach is aimed at providing the customer with a complete service, starting from the product design to the delivery, developing the mold design internally thus Castle simulation software is a great help in making the process smoother.


How did you come to know about PiQ² and what led you to choose Castle as simulation software?

We found PiQ² through online research, and its name was already known among companies in the sector in the province of Brescia. We opted for Castle for its ease of use and intuitiveness, which are essential for a team of 46 people like ours.

After comparing several options on the market, we found that, with the same features, PiQ²’s software offered the best combination of ease of use, parameter setting, and customization.

CastleMIND interface

The introduction of the software into our company processes was well received by our employees, and we are satisfied with the results we gathered.

Currently, we have activated the CastleMIND, CastleRUN, and CastleBODY modules, and we are considering also acquiring the CastleTHERMO module.
The software is used both by myself and the head of the mechanical workshop, but we are looking for a third person to support simulation activities.

We attended training sessions provided by the PiQ² team: from the first day of the course, we familiarized ourselves with the software and, after only 15 days from installation, we were already fully autonomous and operational.


What are the advantages of PiQ²’s Castle suite compared to the competitors?

The main advantages we found are the ease of use and intuitiveness of the software, which guides us through the simulation process clearly and precisely. Additionally, the technical support provided by PiQ² is timely and efficient.


What are the economic benefits derived from using Castle software?

We noticed a reduction in production times and costs thanks to the possibility of carrying out virtual simulations well before applying the modification to the mold.

This allows us to reduce margins of error and optimize the production process.

Suite Castle: Practical Approach for Cutting-Edge Processes

Furthermore, the software allows us to explore different solutions and identify the best strategy without making costly mistakes. Despite being able to do more in the simulator than in reality, the filling phases of the components accurately correspond to those observed in the real process.

Thanks to simulation, we can obtain realistic results and take the best path to optimize our production process.


We thank Manuel Cavagna for sharing this information with us regarding Cavagna Pressofusioni and their experience with PiQ²’s Castle simulation software.