KOOLCRAFTS™ is an official dealer in India of PiQ²’s CASTLE software and, as such, we interviewed Mohamed Ismail Khan, Business Manager.

The company specializes in engineering solutions and manufacturing consultancy, with a focus on sectors such as High-Pressure Die Casting (HPDC), Plastic injection moulding, Thermosets, LSR, MIM and Titanium.


Can you briefly tell us about KOOLCRAFTS™?

KOOLCRAFTS™, based in Tamil Nadu, South India, specialises in engineering solutions for the polymer and metal industry, both domestically and internationally.

Our primary goal is to offer affordable technologies, best support at reliable delivery times. We are a small team of engineers but well supported by best technical partners like PiQ².

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing constant support and diverse consulting services. In the near future, we aim to transform KOOLCRAFTS™ into a one-stop shop for all our customers’ needs.

Our development strategy in India targets not only the southern regions, but also the north-east and west of the country, through our partners and an ongoing channel program.


What are the main advantages you have identified in CASTLE software compared to the competition?

After evaluating several alternatives, we chose PiQ² because of its proven effectiveness as the software has proven to be a guide and personal consultant for everyone who uses it.

CASTLE technology is extremely competitive, especially considering India’s burgeoning market and use of foreign technology for local improvements.

What sets CASTLE apart is the ability to offer quick results and consultation: with PiQ²’s expertise, we guarantee excellent results at an extremely affordable cost, making the solution highly effective and practical for our customers’ needs.

Also, we have close relationships with most of the industry players in the country, many of whom are already long-standing acquaintances of ours.


How do potential customers perceive it, and what are its key strengths that attract the market’s interest?

Every customer wants a tool that fits their specific needs and budget.

We offer a cost-effective, modular solution that allows customers to purchase only the modules they need, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility. In addition, we provide comprehensive and timely support through our educational platform, the KOOLCRAFTS™ Academy, which offers specialised courses and ongoing technical assistance.

Our partnership with PiQ2 allows us to provide immediate solutions and quick answers to customer problems, positioning us as a leader in the engineering solutions and manufacturing consulting industry.


Is the support provided by PiQ2 meeting your expectations?

Yes it is. Initial feedback from the market is very positive and several companies are ready to integrate CASTLE into their engineering and R&D processes.

As i said already, we believe in effective support and services, this is what distinguishes us from other software companies: we do not just supply a product, but offer advice on its implementation and practical use in a production context.

When a customer is faced with a problem, we make a personal effort to solve it.
We offer prompt and comprehensive support: both through training on the software and direct resolution of doubts and problems that customers may encounter.

In some cases where the solution requires specific expertise that we do not currently possess, we rely on the cooperation with PiQ², who are highly efficient in providing immediate solutions.

The response time is less than 24 hours, thus ensuring a quick and effective resolution of customer problems.


We would like to thank Mohamed Ismail Khan for sharing such valuable details about the partnership between PiQ² and KOOLCRAFTS™. This partnership further confirms KOOLCRAFTS™’s position as a leader in engineering solutions and manufacturing consulting.