We are facing a period which shows a constantly changing market with declining margins and an uncertain future. At PiQ2 we are aware that, just like in many other sectors, moulders and foundries are facing moments of complexity and uncertainty: companies are having to slow down their production activities and are adopting optimization and saving strategies.

In times of crisis, however, the best opportunities often lurk.

It would seem that it is not the right time to invest but, at a time when everything is slowed down and the pressure and workload are lower, opportunities must be capitalised. We can use this time to scout and reflect in order to optimize the production processes thus transforming it into a lever to use as a competitive advantage when the market restarts.

This is therefore the moment to invest in views of business growth, also considering the decreasing costs and increasing skills of the company: dedicating all the time necessary time and energy for the growth of its employees.

With this in mind, at PiQ2, we have decided to propose our die casting simulation software of cold and hot chamber in different commercial solutions. Has your company ever thought about introducing a simulation software? Does it already have software but, maybe, it is too expensive?


The PiQ2 solution


At PiQ2, we have studied technological and commercial solutions to help you optimize the design dynamics therefore reducing costs. At the same time, we will help your team to increase their internal skills.
The die casting simulation software, Castle, created by PiQ2, could therefore be the right solution for your company because:

– It enjoys high level technical features, at a maintenance and purchasing cost at fraction of what competitors offer on the market

– It allows you to improve the quality of your product and reduce design times in order to enhance efficiency

– It ensures user-friendly interface and can be easily used remotely

– It supports you step by step from the implementation and use phase up to the resolution of any problems and critical issues

– It contributes to the technical growth, improvement of general and design skills of the company

– It works with the PiQ2 staff in a perspective of partnership, consulting and problem solving


State-of-the-art technology at a competitive price


PIQ2 offers the possibility to choose the commercial option that best suits the needs of each individual company:
– to acquire the software license
– to get the rental software.
In the first case, your company will be able to obtain the ownership of the license to use the software at a very competitive purchase and maintenance price compared to the market, with a reduced annual fee for updates and technical support.

In the second case you can use our software by paying an annual rental fee, including updates and technical support, but with high cost advantages when compared to the costs required on the market for the use of similar simulation software’s.

If your company already has an advanced simulation software and you are wondering why you should replace it with Castle, please consider the following:
by purchasing a Castle license, you would invest the same amount of money as  your current software’s 2-years maintenance expenditure. Starting from the third year, you would start recovering your investment.
By choosing the all-inclusive rental option you will get immediate savings instead.

However, if your company has never thought of making such an investment, then you should consider that, at the pricing level, our solution offers high quality at a low price compared to the market average, regardless of the chosen commercial solution.

The competitive of PiQ2

The saving is therefore guaranteed regardless of the choosing both solutions: the difference consists in the fact that in the first case it is a long-term saving, while in the second case it is an immediate saving.


Operational simplicity and remote use


The strengths of our offer are the ease of use, the simplicity of the interfaces and the immediacy of our product. Most other software’s on the market risk becoming an elite tool in the company, because only a very small number of people are able to use them. Our philosophy, on the other hand, is based on the idea that simulation should be a tool for everyday use: easy to use and useful throughout the entire process of mould design.

This is a great advantage especially in a period like this in which often companies have to reorganize to carry out activities remotely, with reduced staff or work with a high level of shift operators. This ease of operation also allows us to organize usage and training sessions with our customers, both in person and remotely, to make them autonomous and operational in a short period of time.


Support, partnership and collaboration


At PiQ2, we have a very in-depth competence and knowledge of processes: we are born from the foundry, workshops and technical offices. This is why the software is created directly by us.

Castle is born from the confluence and contamination between the empirical experience of companies and the technological research conducted in research centre laboratories: two worlds which are often, unfortunately, far apart. Our offer is thus completed by a number of support services, because our product is not only the “installed software”, but it is also customer satisfaction in the use of the software itself. Therefore, we offer technical support to companies, we help them and follow them through the entire process, providing immediate answers in case of any problems.

Our goal is to be a partner of our customers with the aim of creating a collaborative and functional relationship. On the one hand this allows our customers to learn how to use the software correctly, but many times it also leads to the establishment of relationships of technological support.


Problem solving and consulting


During the years of our operational experience in companies, we have noticed that the possibility of dealing with a team of external consultants allows companies to combine different ideas and experiences, but also to solve problems that may have plagued their production processes for a long time.
Often skills from the outside can be useful because they can analyse issues from a different point of view, therefore bringing out alternative solutions. This is why we have developed a new package of advice and problem solving that integrates with the already offered services.

It is a solution that characterizes and distinguishes us from competitors: a service relationship of our skills, in which we act for the client company as if we were a sort of external technical office but perfectly integrated. In this way, we offer our support in solving any problems that may hinder company productivity and to which you cannot find the answer (such as quality, mould or process problems). We can help you develop new projects or to optimize and improve existing ones. We work by collecting information, asking questions, exchanging opinions, and then we develop our proposal to help you find a solution: everything is done by working with a collaboration perspective with our customers.



To conclude


In a moment like this, it is important to reflect on production inefficiencies to optimize processes in order to be prepared and more efficient in the future: develop today the skills that will need tomorrow when the attention returns to be focused intensively on the production activity.
We offer you a product with a high technological positioning and, at the same time, economic positioning advantageous compared to the market average. PiQ2 will be at your disposal to find dedicated and customized solutions, in line with the needs of all types of companies, based on the specific size and investment capacity.

For further information call 030 659 5058 or email us at info@piq2.com.