In May 2022, PiQ² released its hundredth license of the Castle suite to the Italian firm Studio DSM.
Studio DSM, born in early January 2005 in Veneto, designs die-casting molds for various sectors: from the automotive (main field of application) to the design sector, passing through the production of pumps, generators, and boilers. The studio deals with the entire process: from the design phase to the production of the complete mold, made in collaboration with important mechanical workshops in the area, thus satisfying requests from Italy and abroad.
Upon this important milestone reached by PiQ², we interviewed Mauro De Santi, CEO & Founder of Studio DSM.


How did you get in touch with PiQ², and what led you to choose Castle software?

I have a relationship that has bound me to the development team for many years. At the dawn of software development, we interfaced more than once, and I could see the birth of the Castle suite from the beginning.
As Studio DSM, we already use simulation software, but we wanted to add Castle because it seemed to us the most suitable product to satisfy our customers’ requests. Owning all the CADs on the market, it seemed important to bring another simulation software with proven qualities to Studio DSM to have more room for maneuver and carry out cross studies, aiming to obtain better and more precise results.
We chose Castle because it was the software that impressed us the most: both in terms of speed and user experience.


How were the first days of use, and how was the new software received by Studio DSM employees?

Having overcome the initial “resistance to change,” a typical situation of a technological change within a company, the feedback on the use of the software has been excellent. We already have good results after a short time, and the operatives are learning very quickly to use the Castle suite on their own.
The training was prepared and carried out entirely by the PiQ² team: the approach was straightforward and direct. In particular, the technical training was conducted with great competence, and much space was left for interaction between the participants and the PiQ² Die Casting Process Engineers.
We are also satisfied with the technical assistance: Customer Service has always proved to be very helpful; moreover, the fact of being able to speak directly with those who conceived and developed the software allows for a more complete and technically reliable service.


What are the advantages of the Castle Suite?

Indeed the simplicity of the interface: the operators who have followed the training are learning to use the software very quickly.
Furthermore, the Castle suite has some features that competitors do not have, such as the choice of presses to use, a real option for our type of business.
Up to now, we have purchased the CastleMind, CastleRun, and CastleBody modules, which are the three products of the suite that best suit our needs: Castle allows us to shorten the calculation and simulation times significantly, and this is a great plus for our studio, which is based on the execution of multiple daily simulations, allowing us to reduce the time for project evasions.
Our goal is to bring our projects to the production phase, presenting a mold free from defects: we cannot afford to waste time in the sectors in which we operate, and Castle is helping us in the best possible way to achieve the company objectives.
We are satisfied with this collaboration start and confident about future developments!



Thanks to Mauro De Santi for the words and the trust granted.
On the part of PiQ², the satisfaction of being able to count among its references a design studio of absolute authority, in the certainty that the constructive collaboration with the customer can bring a great added value to the development and improvement of the software.
The goal is to grow continuously over time without sacrificing the quality of service, attention to detail, and technical competence, which are the company’s founding values.
So see you at the next milestone!