CastleTHERMO V2.0

CastleTHERMO V2, the new version of Castle mould thermal simulation module, has been released and offers significant improvements if compared to its predecessor.

CastleTHERMO V2.0 now has a new mesh engine that, besides the new dedicated and intuitive graphical interface, allows the definition of all the components of the mould (inserts, die holder and shot chamber, cooling channels and casting) in a few clicks. All interfaces are identified almost automatically without any need for manual operations.

Only information easily available in the foundry, such as the alloy and steel grades, cycle times and spraying cycle details are requested to the user.

Spraying cycle and thermoregulation scheme can be defined in a simple way with extreme precision to realistically reproduce the conditions verified in the foundry.

The heat exchange coefficients are calculated automatically by CastleTHERMO according to thermoregulation circuit setup: fluid, flow rate and setup temperature.

The software offers the possibility to simulate and calculate the actual flow of the fluid in one or more thermoregulation channels. This feature allows taking into account the effective heat exchange that occurs in the case of very long, intricated or conformal coolings when flow conditions can considerably change along the path and over time. Furthermore, it is possible to connect two or more channels, simulating the presence of coolings connections and jumpers typically used in foundries.