PiQ² was a sponsor and speaker at the 5th International Zinc Die Casting Conference in Koblenz (Germany).

The simulation of the hot chamber die-casting process of zinc alloys, in fact, presents different difficulties compared to aluminium. These criticalities, if not correctly handled, can lead to unnecessary loss of time or even wrong results.
At the event, the Italian company had the opportunity to present the Castle Suite in a speech, with its four different modules, through 7 tips specifically dedicated to Zic die casting:

1. Start simulating before simulating!
2. Don’t waste time simulating trash runners
3. Simulate the right injection profile
4. Catch even smaller geometry details
5. Simulate hot runners. Spicy solution!
6. Catch smaller air porosities
7. Take care of the die

The Koblenz conference was attended by many players from the Zinc die-casting world, such as foundries, designers, mould makers, engineers and end users.

It was a great opportunity for networking and professional updating, thanks to the presentation of the latest market news and discussions with the major players in the world of Die Casting.
Thanks again to the International Zinc Association, Initiative Zink, Assofond, Experience Zamak and TEDFUN for organising such an important event in the industry and for the value of the speeches.

Are you interested in our full presentation? Click here!