In a complex and competitive scenario such as that of simulation software development, offering an efficient after-sales service can be a really important plus and substantially influence potential customers’ intentions to purchase.

PiQ² invests heavily in this service and is recognized on the market for the precise and timely assistance it offers to its customers, as can also be read from the references issued by those who have decided to rely on PiQ² in the past 10 years.


How is PiQ² Customer Service different? What are the points that make it competitive?

One of the main characteristics that distinguish PiQ² Customer Service is the speed of response. On average, within 1-2 business hours, PiQ² is able to provide feedback to the customer who has contacted it about a problem, in order to allow them to return to their optimal operation as quickly as possible.

Even in the case of problems that cannot be solved immediately, PiQ² focuses its efforts on dealing with them quickly.

In fact, one of the advantages of PiQ² Customer Service consists in the fact that the software is produced in-house and the experts involved in the assistance service are the same who directly contributed to the creation of the software itself, therefore, the service is very technical and precise, often managing to solve problems directly on the customer’s computer, through a proactive approach.

Finally, the technological expertise of the Customer Service Team allows them to assist the customer not only in problems relating to the use of the software but with a 360 ° consultancy service capable of making a significant contribution to the operations of their customers. In fact, the experience gained in the field allows PiQ² to be an expert consultant in die casting and mold design processes, often also being involved in the critical phase of analyzing simulation results and planning corrective actions (for example, how to modify the molds to have optimal values).


Customer satisfaction: PiQ²’s mission

In PiQ²’s set of values, Customer Service certainly occupies a prominent position. The quality of the software and its features are not sufficient without a prompt assistance service, available to listen, competent and able to understand the origin of the problem.

PiQ²’s relationship with the customer is based on listening: from the observations and needs of its customers, ideas for new features can be born that can improve the performance of the software. The most historical customers are treated as development partners for PiQ², directly involved in the evolution of the Castle suite to make it increasingly competitive and suitable to meet market demands.


Customer Service: not just Technical Assistance

For PiQ², assisting the customer does not only mean solving his technical problems on the use of the software but building with him a path of growth in skills and knowledge. That is why PiQ² also offers its customers training courses tailored to the different needs and objectives on everything that revolves around the diecasting process.

But that’s not all: the tailor-made services also include simulations on request, through analysis and optimization of the results carried out by the internal team of PiQ², technical consultancy on quality, mold or process problems and a research and development activity in different fields such as metallurgy, simulation, process, component and mold design.

In short, Customer Service for PiQ² is not just Technical Assistance, but complete support to the needs of companies, through a service that allows the growth of skills and improvement.


In conclusion

The direct relationship with qualified and competent people who assist in the resolution of operational problems is a characteristic element of PiQ² Customer Service.

Customer support allows PiQ² to build loyalty with them, understand their problems and improve their operations. This attitude of openness and dialogue is highly appreciated by customers and aims to build partnerships with them.

The same quality that PiQ² dedicates to software development is also guaranteed to the assistance service, in order to maximize the satisfaction of the end customer and help to support him in his daily operations in a complete way.